Help find Sean Sidi | We need your help to find our son
help find sean sidi

Help find Sean Sidi

We need your help to find our son

To the Oregon Border - Search for Sean Continues ...


Our search for Sean continues with even more urgency.  This weekend, Claude (Sean's dad) and Danielle (Sean's sister, shown in photo) are posting Sean's fliers from San Francisco to Mt. Shasta, near the Oregon Border.     We have received reports of Sean's fliers in Colorado, Chicago Airport, Portland Oregon and all over California.     Sean's cousin, Sydney, visited Santa Clara University two weeks ago and took Sean's fliers with her.   THANKS TO ALL OF YOU - many people near the university had already heard about our search for Sean.  

Please drop us a line as to where you have seen or posted Sean's fliers: or

Together in hope,

The Sidi Family

Danielle Sidi searching for her missing brother Sean in the city of Dunsmuir, located along !-5, in northern CA.

Sean Sidi not simply a missing person by Love Letters host Janet Gallin

Love Letter host Janet Gallin writes about Sean Sidi - the young man who is loved and missed  . . .  loving brother and son, entrepreneur, and social teen with a passion for life.

Sean white-water rafting on the American River - June 2011

Pinning for Sean

Sean Sidi has been missing for 2 months and 4 days but we have not lost hope of finding him safe. During such a challenging time for the Sidi family, the outpouring of concern and those offering to help has been truly amazing, and a blessing to the Sidi family.

It is very important that we all continue to "share the word" that Sean is missing by distributing fliers in our communities, to shelters, food kitchens, churches, transportation centers, and hospitals. Fliers can be obtained by clicking on this link or we can mail fliers to you by emailing

You can also assist by helping us continue to to expand our social networking outreach. Please join us on Pinterest and begin "pinning" for Sean. With your help we will find Sean and bring him home safe!

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Sean's Mother Lynn Ching Appears on Love Letters Live

Love Letters Live host Janet Gallin helps guests from every walk of life to express themselves in letters that support, thank, or set things straight. Janet was motivated to help the Sidi family after seeing the Mother's Day card Sean had given Lynn on Mother's Day shortly before Sean's disappearance on May 21, 2013.

A Note From Claude and Lynn: Our thanks goes out to Janet Gallin and everyone at Love Letters Live for your compassion and help to find our son. 


Click the link below to listen to the Love Letters Live Podcast 

Love Letters Live Podcast Interview with Lynn Ching


Photo: Danielle (Sean's younger sister), Sean Sidi, and his mother Lynn Ching.


Mother's Day card Sean Sidi gave his mother Lynn Ching shortly before he vanished on May 21, 2013 from San Francisco, CA.

Reaching Out for Sean - Follow us on Twitter

In order to find Sean we need your help. According to the FBI National Crime Information Center (NCIC) there were 85,890 active cases of missing persons in NCIC database as of June 29, 2013. Sean is just one of the thousands of missing persons in this country who have families desperately trying to find them and our hearts go out to each and every one of them.

To find missing persons it takes the help from not only law enforcement but assistance from media, advocates, nonprofit assistance agencies, and especially the public. Public outreach is vital to the search for Sean. You are our eyes and ears and with your help we will bring Sean home safe.

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Pay it Forward for Sean

A Note from Sean's Dad

Hello supporters of FIND SEAN SIDI, We are starting a new phase of fundraising. We would like to raise funds to support further investigation, flyer production and bus and newspaper/online advertising. Our goal in this second phase of fundraising is to get Sean's missing person information on city buses, billboards and in newspapers. Please help us raise the additional dollars needed to support this. NOTE: Thank you to all the friends and family who have already supported us. Your friendship in this difficult time has kept us focused, perseverant, optimistic and grateful.

Please click on this link to be taken to our fundraising page

  • Claude Sidi

A Special Thank You


Thank you to everyone who came out to post Sean's fliers on Sunday, and to the many, many people who are helping spread the word about the search for Sean.  Your help in posting fliers in San Francisco and beyond - is working.  San Francisco residents have reported spotting Sean's fliers in other states. Each flier posted, each Facebook post shared, each tweet sent . . . brings Sean one step closer to being reunited with his family and friends.   

We will mail fliers to anyone requesting them.  For fliers, please email:

We are hopeful that Sean will be home SOON to thank all of you in PERSON.

Picture of Sean with cousin Jason (far left), sister Danielle; and cousin Rachel (far right), summer 2012.