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help find sean sidi

Help find Sean Sidi

We need your help to find our son

Thanksgiving 2015 - Search for SEAN SIDI

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with loved ones.

It was our 3rd Thanksgiving without Sean. We had a small group (15) of family and close friends at our home on Thanksgiving Day. While not with us in body, Sean was VERY 'PRESENT' in our minds and hearts, as many friends shared their fondest memories of Sean. Wrapped in the love of those near and dear, we somehow made it through a very emotional & difficult day. 

Leads are still being called in, thanks to many of you sharing and POSTING. A RECENT TIP (LAST WEEK) was called in (from Golden Gate Park, San Francisco) with a video & picture. Unfortunately it was not Sean. However, I am grateful to the young man who called it in. He told me that he keeps Sean's flier with him. We will continue to keep you updated. 

With all our Love & Thanks, 

Lynn, Claude & Danielle 

Pictures:   Thank you ALL for the sock donations.   I distribute a few each week to those living on the streets (along with the hygiene donations).  However, we have tentatively planned a bigger distribution early December 2015.  If you would like to donate a pair of thick warm socks for the homeless, pls mail to:  "Socks for Sean", c/o Dr. Claude Sidi, 450 Sutter Street, #1819, San Francisco, CA 94108.  


see or for more information about Sean SIDI, who vanished from San Francisco, CA on May 21, 2013, (at age 19), shortly after sustaining a severe traumatic brain injury. Please keep an eye out for Sean - who may be lost amongst the homeless with no memory - very FAR from S.F.. We will provide FLIERS to anyone requesting them: email or PM.  PLEASE SEND ALL TIPS TO # & email on Sean's Flier: 


5 young men - known across the United States as the "California Missing FIVE" are ALL STILL MISSING from SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA.  


Claude and I still hold out HOPE that one day -  we will see our precious Sean again...


See or for more information about Sean SIDI, who at age 19, vanished from San Francisco on 5/21/2013, shortly after sustaining a traumatic brain injury.   

Search for SEAN SIDI - September 21, 2015 (reposted)

It's difficult to acknowledge the passing of time. Almost 2.5 years since we last saw Sean, our smiley, funny, charming boy... We survive the best we can...

Thanks for checking back & keeping us and Sean in mind. Two "tips" were called in this week, but both from people who saw "Sean" some time before they saw the FLIER. I've asked them to send a PHOTO if they see "Sean" again & will post (only) if more substance emerges.

More pics of Sean, during the many happy times in... his life.

To Ann, Tina, Rayni, Ellen and ALL still POSTING (& sharing on FB) Sean's FLIERS - THANK YOU!

see or for more information on Sean SIDI, age 19 (time of missing) who vanished from San Francisco, CA on May 21, 2013, shortly after sustaining a traumatic brain injury. Sean may be lost amongst the homeless, without memory - VERY FAR from home. Please keep an eye out for him

VIDEO POSTED - Search for SEAN SIDI - September 6 2015 -

We hope you all enjoyed the long weekend.


Unfortunately, we have no new news. The 2+ year search for Sean has yielded NO confirmed sighting of Sean, and we do NOT know whether Sean is alive, or WHAT happened on May 21, 2013 when his phone was turned off/went dead (the latter we doubt). 


If god forbid - the search for Sean OUTLIVES Claude and me, we hope that you will continue to assist Sean's beloved sister - Danielle (pictured in many of the photos) in getting answers. 


To our friends & family - who have set aside their own discomfort to SHARE & SPEAK with us of their fond MEMORIES of Sean, who go out of their way to ASK about the search for Sean, we thank you for your PRICELESS GIFT. To All of YOU - who have HELPED us keep the search FOR Sean from going COLD - THANK YOU.  


I am reposting this video of Sean, made with generosity by Trisha, mother of MISSING (from San Francisco) SHAWN DICKERSON. Trisha has somehow captured the LOVE that embraced Sean his entire life...and Sean's LOVE of family/friends & LIFE.  Thank you Trisha!


see or for more information on Sean SIDI, age 19 (time of missing), who went missing from San Francisco, CA May 21, 2013  shortly after sustaining a traumatic brain injury.

UPDATE: Sean SIDI sighting in Oceanside, San Diego

UPDATE of "Sean" (SIDI) sighting in Oceanside, San Diego

Thank you ALL for your shares, efforts and prayers. 

Oceanside police have issued a BOLO (Be On Lookout) for Sean. 

While this is helpful, we still need Sean's FLIERS POSTED in the Oceanside area - particularly at homeless shelter locations. In past sightings, SEAN’S FLIER was the CRUCIAL LINK to informing area residents & our receiving a photo confirmation.

We will MAIL fliers to anyone (PM or email, OR will pre-pay any printing order at YOUR location (PM your name and name, ph# and address of PRINTER). THE flier can also be downloaded from Sean’s page.

*** NOTE:*** I will respond to all emails within 24 hrs. If you sent me an email, & did not receive a response, please RE-SEND to or call 415.713.5913.

Please send all PHOTOS of “SEAN” to 415.713.5913 or

The SIDI Family

Please see for more comments and information on the search.  This is a public page and you do not have to have a fB account.   To date more than 30,000 people have viewed and shared the search posts on Facebook. 


Current sighting called in at 6:22 pm of "Sean" on Mission Street at Horn St., in the city of Oceanside in San Diego County. "Sean" was walking EAST on Mission Street (at Horn). 

"SEAN" was wearing burgundy colored jeans, carrying what appeared to be 3 bed rolls or mats strapped to a back pack & wearing a HAT (caller could not recall the COLOR of the hat). 

The person who called in the sighting was in a car & "Sean" was gone before she could turn around. Although she did not see braces on "Sean's" teeth, the caller was struck by the facial resemblance to Sean's pictures (she described "SEAN" as having a "sweet face"), and SIMILARITY of height, weight & build. 

Please keep an eye out for "SEAN". If you are in the area, please consider POSTING a few fliers (I will mail them to you if you PM or email

see or for more information on Sean SIDI, age 19 (time of missing) who vanished from San Francisco, CA on May 21, 2013, shortly after sustaining a traumatic brain injury. Sean may be lost amongst the homeless, without memory - VERY FAR from home. Please keep an eye out for him.


Yesterday, I had lunch with someone who talked about a friend’s FEAR of posting her missing child's FLIER - after paying a huge "FINE" for the "CRIME" of posting her son's missing person flier in San Francisco.


I was abruptly reminded of our own experience.


Eight days after Sean went missing, WE RECEIVED A SIMILAR 'FINE' - demanding $2,750 for posting Sean's fliers.   Page 1 of the 3 page letter is attached, with our address redacted.


The letter (with a SF City Hall address & payee address at Dept of Public Works) was received while we were REELING & in total SHOCK from the events of May 21, 2013, the day Sean vanished…. I'm sure the timing was purposeful.


HOWEVER, we did NOT pay this ridiculous "FINE". Instead, we turned the letter over to the POLICE who CONFIRMED the "FINE" was NOT legitimate!!!!!!!!!


To the family above – DO WHAT YOU MUST– POST your son’s flier.  


TO ALL, BEWARE OF SCAMS preying upon vulnerable families with missing loved ones!   If you know of such a family, please pass this information along to them. 


See or for more information on Sean SIDIi missing from San Francisco CA May 21, 2013 shortly after sustaining a traumatic brain injury. If you are willing to post a flier or two anywhere in the U.S., pls email for fliers.