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help find sean sidi

Help find Sean Sidi

We need your help to find our son


Friday, October 17, 2014, the Superior Court of CA signed an order allowing us to view County records relating to the Asian teen with no memory [“John Doe Teen”], confirmed to be in Redding CA in late February / early March 2014. At least 3 persons who had extended contact with the John Doe Teen stated that this teen strongly resembled Sean.

I received the County records late Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, a photo was not included and we cannot say for sure whether the John Doe Teen was or was not Sean. Fingerprints were included in the County files, however, it is unknown how long it will take SFPD to match the prints with Sean’s prints. We are hoping the County will locate a PHOTO and/or that SFPD can run the fingerprints in a timely manner.

In the meantime, our search for Sean continues in Redding, throughout California AND across the United States. For those in Redding, please keep your eyes open for Sean, and/or the John Doe Teen - who may need your help regardless of whether he is or is not, Sean. It was confirmed that the John Doe TEEN WAS RELEASED to the RESCUE MISSION shelter in Redding (after he was provided with food, hydration, medical care and after medical staff ascertained the John Doe Teen was @ 19yrs old (Sean's age), and not a minor).

It is worth mentioning that court records indicate that Shasta County Sheriffs and Children Services, who provided the John Doe Teen with medical care and other services did as much as possible to ascertain the teen's IDENTITY & to locate his family. The teen's prints WERE run thru the Missing Persons database early March 2014. However, since CA Dept of Justice did not transfer Sean's DMV prints to the Missing Persons database until April 2014 (1 year after he went missing), it would have been impossible to make a match.

Thank YOU to so many, near and FAR who shared the post, and otherwise spread the word and enlisted the help of your friends in the area. Our gratitude to the Redding RECORD SEARCHLIGHT media who will run a story on Sean today. Please share the article with us if you see it.

We will keep you posted.

Thank you ALL,
Lynn, Claude & Danielle

See or for more information on critically injured Sean SIDI (age 19) missing from San Francisco CA May 21, 2013. Sean may not know his name or his DIRE MEDICAL NEEDS due to a severe traumatic brain injury suffered shortly before going missing.


We have been provided with a detailed TIP that Sean MAY have been in the area of Redding, CA in February 2014.

Based on the (reliable) TIP, an Asian teen (between 17-19/20yrs) fitting Sean’s description (including the DROOPY right eye), WHO HAD NO MEMORY OF WHO HE WAS, appeared at a shelter and/or other location in Redding in February 2014.

The Asian teen, in addition to a memory loss, appeared in need of medical attention for sores etc.



PLEASE email to have fliers MAILED TO YOU.

WE are also reaching out to anyone who may have MEDIA CONTACTS in the local Redding, CA area.

WE WILL KEEP YOU POSTED AS information received is developed. (The above information does NOT preclude other recent sightings in SF or elsewhere. However, the most recent TIP is one of the strongest tips received to date, and if it can be confirmed - would give us hope that Sean is still alive - at least as of Feb 2014.)

See or for more information on critically injured Sean SIDI (age 19) missing from San Francisco CA May 21, 2013. Sean may not know his name or his DIRE MEDICAL NEEDS due to a severe traumatic brain injury suffered shortly before going missing. 

Sean Sidi update: October 8, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO: If you are in the area of 4TH & KING St. or GEARY & MASONIC in SF, we are looking for help keeping a few fliers up due to UNCONFIRMED sightings. We would be happy to mail you fliers.

OUT of San Francisco & California - We very much appreciate YOUR help posting out of San Francisco AND in OTHER STATES. Several people from out of the area have emailed me saying they recently learned about the search for Sean, due to fliers you have posted.

We are trying to keep our hopes up, but it is not always easy as we know that Sean is at great, great risk.... Thank you all for caring, and for helping us search. We continue to pray for answers.

PLEASE email with your mailing address to have fliers mailed to you anywhere in the U.S.

See or for more information on critically injured Sean SIDI (age 19) missing from San Francisco CA May 21, 2013. Sean may not know his name or his DIRE MEDICAL NEEDS due to a severe traumatic brain injury suffered shortly before going missing.

Photo of Sean & his dad, Claude.


A MINIMUM OF 5 families are waiting for news after human remains were found in a lake at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco....
"When a disappearance occurs, everything changes. The emotions of those who are left behind range from: sadness, guilt, hurt, anger, depression, hopelessness, apathy, rage, hysteria, to a lack of appetite and sleep. Nightmares& panic attacks.

With all of the above they must muster up the energy to search for their loved ones and somehow work. We see so many families using on social media, along with physically searching, hanging fliers, making phone calls, vigils, interviews with the media. It is truly like having two full time jobs.

Then the news, a body has been found.

“The Missing California Five” all vanished in San Francisco.

We were told the news last night that human remains were found in a small lake in Golden Gate Park. Please pray for these families right now, along for the family who we may not know as of yet. Thank you all for your continued support in helping to find these young male adults. Please Keep Sharing !"
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Our search for Sean continues and we accept any offers of help.

This past week, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) featured Sean on their website.  See September 3rd post at where over 1200 people shared the post about the search for Sean.  YOU DO NOT NEED A FB account to view the post.  

Last week Captain Jason Cherniss of San Francisco Police extended a hand in the search for Sean.


A supporter of the Search for Sean told me how impressed she was with Captain Jason Cherniss, the commander of the Tenderloin Police Station in San Francisco.   Given the large  (& colorful)  HOMELESS population in the Tenderloin, she urged me to seek out Captain Cherniss’ help in searching for Sean.            


Captain  Cherniss’ REPLY to  my email INFORMING him about the search for SEAN and requesting  his  HELP in circulating  Sean’s Flier to TENDERLOIN  POLICE OFFICERS  -  is set forth BELOW…….


                              *   *   *   *   *



My family is very active in the Sunset, and we have consistently posted fliers around our neighborhood and at businesses. This week I will post your sons picture in our (Tenderloin Police Station) newsletter.     I will also have my staff send this flier out to every officer at Tenderloin.


I am so sorry for your family. I cannot imagine what you and your family must be going through. Please feel free to contact me anytime.”   


Jason Cherniss


                           *   *   *   *   *


We are VERY grateful to CAPTAIN CHERNISS for his help, compassion & humanity!


Below:  Cover page of Tenderloin Police Station Newsletter - Sean’s flier was included in August 28th edition.


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Daniel Bromfield Lends a Hand in the Search for Sean SIDI

Daniel rockin' it at 'The Bottom of the Hill' with Sean's Flier T-Shirt!!  Thank you Daniel for helping us keep the search for Sean ALIVE!!!


 see or for more information on Sean SIDI, missing from San Francisco, CA

La Boulange, Starbucks & August 26, 2014 Update re: Search for Sean SIDI

Danielle (Sean’s sister) has started her junior year in high school. I pray the year will see her drawing strength & comfort from the knowledge that we & many others will NEVER stop searching for Sean. To see her brother on the edge of death, survive against tremendous odds, then to lose him again in this way --- is a trauma no child should have to endure... I have assured Danielle many times that her dad and I will search for Sean until the END of our days. Even past this time, I am comforted with the knowledge that NCMEC & other missing person’s organizations will keep the search for Sean going.

We have printed the FIRST BATCH of Sean’s NEW FLIER. We realize that many of you have been posting Sean’s fliers for many months… However, if anyone still has “posting” energy remaining TO post even 1 NEW flier, please email with your mailing address to have a few of Sean’s NEW fliers mailed to you (anywhere in U.S.). Alternatively, you may save the flier to your computer & print it. Despite the reach of social MEDIA, the posting of hard copy fliers remain CRITICAL in the search for Sean & any missing person.

LA BOULANGE, a French bakery recently acquired by Starbucks Coffee has offered to POST Sean’s NEW FLIER in their San Francisco locations. While Starbucks will not post the flier in their windows, they will post SEAN’S NEW FLIER on 22 community boards at various Starbucks cafes in the Bay Area, IF space is available. The date of posting has not been identified, however, I HOPE that supporters of the search for Sean will provide a photo of the flier, or post a flier on a Starbucks (or other) community board if one is not already up.

Below, picture of Allyssa Zimmerman sporting her SEARCH for SEAN T-shirt – which she wore to school in Manteca!!!! Thank you Allyssa for wearing the FLIER shirt & helping us spread the word about our search for Sean!! Also pictured is the 5’x 8’ banner at Valencia St. (btwn 20 & 21st St), which JUAN & ROSA MARIA SAN MAMES has so generously displayed on their STREET FRONT property for the PAST YEAR!! Thank you Juan & Rosa Maria San Mames Family for doing this!!!! ALSO featured ARE random pictures of Sean…the LOVE of our (Danielle, Claude & Lynn’s) LIFE. As you can tell from the pictures – Sean loves being on the water!

see or for more information on critically injured Sean SIDI (age 19) missing from San Francisco CA May 21, 2013. Sean may not know his name or his DIRE MEDICAL NEEDS due to a severe traumatic brain injury suffered shortly before going missing.