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help find sean sidi

Help find Sean Sidi

We need your help to find our son

3rd Caller Thinks He Saw Sean SIDI in Oceanside, CA (North San Diego County) - SIGHTING IS UNCONFIRMED

Another caller thinks that he saw "Sean" on Saturday 8/8, getting off the

East Bound Sprinter in Oceanside, CA (Northern San Diego County)  between 5:30 pm and 7:30pm.   "Sean" was wearing a green T-shirt similar to the one in the far left photo on the flier. 


At this point, NONE of the sightings have been confirmed to be Sean.   If you think that you see Sean, please take a PHOTO at any angle you can manage and send to 415.713.5913 or


If you would like fliers mailed to you (anywhere in the US), please email with your mailing address. 





UPDATE Oceanside, San Diego sighting -

As a direct result of your posting fliers - 

I received a DETAILED phone MESSAGE sometime Wednesday (8/5) NIGHT from a young man who is convinced that he spoke with Sean - a week ago at a "Miracle Workshop (?) Assembly". 

The caller's MESSAGE said he saw Sean's flier at the OCEANSIDE PIER AFTER he returned from the Assembly at which he spoke to "SEAN", and that . "I totally recognize this person" and "The description (on the flier) matches him (i.e. Sean) COMPLETELY." 

Unfortunately, I did not see the caller's message until LAST NIGHT - THURSDAY AT MIDNIGHT. 

I left a message today FOR THE CALLER and DESPERATELY hope that the young man will call me back to PROVIDE ME WITH MORE INFORMATION. 415.713.5913. 

PLEASE KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN AND CONTINUE TO POST WHEREVER YOU MAY BE, not just Oceanside...People who see a flier in one location may see Sean in ANOTHER location very FAR from the flier. 

I will keep you all posted!

THANK YOU to so many who POSTED & shared the sighting - more than 50,000 views not including the non-facebook website. 

If you would like (more) fliers mailed to you, please PM or email  

PLEASE SEND ALL PHOTOS of "SEAN" to 415.713.5913 or  You don't have to be sure its Sean & you don't need the perfect photo.  Take the photo at any angle you can manage.    


see or for more information on Sean SIDI, age 19 (time of missing) who vanished from San Francisco, CA on May 21, 2013, shortly after sustaining a traumatic brain injury. Sean may be lost amongst the homeless, without memory - VERY FAR from home. Please keep an eye out for him.


UPDATE: Sean SIDI sighting in Oceanside, San Diego

UPDATE of "Sean" (SIDI) sighting in Oceanside, San Diego

Thank you ALL for your shares, efforts and prayers. 

Oceanside police have issued a BOLO (Be On Lookout) for Sean. 

While this is helpful, we still need Sean's FLIERS POSTED in the Oceanside area - particularly at homeless shelter locations. In past sightings, SEAN’S FLIER was the CRUCIAL LINK to informing area residents & our receiving a photo confirmation.

We will MAIL fliers to anyone (PM or email, OR will pre-pay any printing order at YOUR location (PM your name and name, ph# and address of PRINTER). THE flier can also be downloaded from Sean’s page.

*** NOTE:*** I will respond to all emails within 24 hrs. If you sent me an email, & did not receive a response, please RE-SEND to or call 415.713.5913.

Please send all PHOTOS of “SEAN” to 415.713.5913 or

The SIDI Family

Please see for more comments and information on the search.  This is a public page and you do not have to have a fB account.   To date more than 30,000 people have viewed and shared the search posts on Facebook.