help find sean sidi

Help find Sean Sidi

We need your help to find our son

Thanksgiving 2015 - Search for SEAN SIDI

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with loved ones.

It was our 3rd Thanksgiving without Sean. We had a small group (15) of family and close friends at our home on Thanksgiving Day. While not with us in body, Sean was VERY 'PRESENT' in our minds and hearts, as many friends shared their fondest memories of Sean. Wrapped in the love of those near and dear, we somehow made it through a very emotional & difficult day. 

Leads are still being called in, thanks to many of you sharing and POSTING. A RECENT TIP (LAST WEEK) was called in (from Golden Gate Park, San Francisco) with a video & picture. Unfortunately it was not Sean. However, I am grateful to the young man who called it in. He told me that he keeps Sean's flier with him. We will continue to keep you updated. 

With all our Love & Thanks, 

Lynn, Claude & Danielle 

Pictures:   Thank you ALL for the sock donations.   I distribute a few each week to those living on the streets (along with the hygiene donations).  However, we have tentatively planned a bigger distribution early December 2015.  If you would like to donate a pair of thick warm socks for the homeless, pls mail to:  "Socks for Sean", c/o Dr. Claude Sidi, 450 Sutter Street, #1819, San Francisco, CA 94108.  


see or for more information about Sean SIDI, who vanished from San Francisco, CA on May 21, 2013, (at age 19), shortly after sustaining a severe traumatic brain injury. Please keep an eye out for Sean - who may be lost amongst the homeless with no memory - very FAR from S.F.. We will provide FLIERS to anyone requesting them: email or PM.  PLEASE SEND ALL TIPS TO # & email on Sean's Flier: 

August 22, 2015 Update re: Oceanside, CA Search for SEAN SIDI

The surveillance shots we viewed (at Vista Sprinter Station) based on the caller's time, place etc. - were NOT Sean. We emailed the shots to the person who CALLED IN the sighting and he does not believe the screen shots (we sent 2 different persons) was the "Sean" that he saw..however, we did not see any other 'match'. The code enforcement officer did not recall speaking to someone meeting our Sean's description. Therefore, and while the search continues in Oceanside, CA - the sighting remains UNCONFIRMED. 

We don't know how our "story" will end. We do know that we have to pursue every viable lead, because the ONE time that we DON'T follow a lead - is the 1 time that it WILL be SEAN. 

PHOTOS remain the best way to confirm a sighting. ANY PHOTO at ANY ANGLE (send 415.713.5913). BEST WAYS TO SPOT SEAN:

1. BIG HAIR - WAVY & BIG when LONG. SEE PHOTO of Sean's dad and Sean as baby. Compare to photo with SHORT hair (PHOTO). 

2. DIMPLES - Law enforcement commented how obvious these were even when Sean is NOT smiling.

3. BRACES - If they are still on - they are silver.

4. BI-LINGUAL IN FRENCH - If you speak to Sean in French, particularly if you are a native speaker, he will almost ALWAYS respond in French...

5. OTHER: slim build, right eye droops slightly, bump on right forehead from accident. He may NOT know his name.

6. ANYWHERE - CASES have proven - missing persons, particularly those with head injuries, can end up VERY FAR from home, even with no money. 

Thank you ALL for your help, prayers and support.

Lynn, Claude & Danielle SIDI

see or for more information on Sean SIDI, age 19 (time of missing) who vanished from San Francisco, CA on May 21, 2013, shortly after sustaining a traumatic brain injury. Sean may be lost amongst the homeless, without memory - VERY FAR from home. Please keep an eye out for him.


On April 7th, I MAILED a PRIORITY letter to San Francisco Police Chief GREG SUHR.

My letter informed SFPD POLICE CHIEF GREG SUHR of Sean's upcoming 2 year missing EVENT on May 16th and our intent to share YOUR MEMORIES of Sean.

I INVITED POLICE CHIEF GREG SUHR to ATTEND (or send a chosen representative) as a SYMBOL of SFPD's commitment to Sean, OTHER MISSING PERSONS FROM SAN FRANCISCO & in acknowledgement of National Missing Children's Day (5/25).

I WONDER if Police Chief Greg Suhr will think this cause worthy of his attention? NOTE: SF combines SVU/Missing Persons in one department. ADMIRABLY, Police Chief GREG Suhr has attended events for the prevention of domestic violence (i.e. SVU) - So WHY not also SUPPORT the cause of MISSING PERSONS from San Francisco?!

IF I do not receive a reply from POLICE CHIEF Greg Suhr next week, I will follow up with Police Greg Suhr with a HAND DELIVERED letter. Please check back.

See or for more information on Sean Sidi, age 19, who vanished from San Francisco, CA May 21, 2013 shortly after sustaining a severe traumatic brain injury.


Sean is still missing...1 Year - 7 months - 25 days.

Sean's phone went dead/turned off at @1:35 pm on May 21, 2013 in a very busy area of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, CA. Since that time, there has been NO phone, bank card or other electronic activity. Sean - in his compromised/healing physical & mental state - could not have gone far or survived for long on his own. Someone knows something. Our search continues...for Sean, for California Missing Five, for others.

Below: Sea's flier in 'The Good Earth' in Fairfax, THANK YOU Tina A. for your messages of hope & love & for posting Sean's fliers.

MORE Random pictures of Sean: 1) Sean & Danielle 2) Sean (2nd from right) with sister Danielle & cousins Rachel, Sidney & Gareth the summer before he vanished. We post these to remember Sean... ..his smile, his laughter & all the LOVE & JOY he brought to our life.   Sean is more than a missing person...MUCH more.

See or for more information on Sean Sidi, age 19, missing from San Francisco since May 21, 2013, shortly after suffering a traumatic brain injury.

***Please email w/your address to have a packet of Sean's fliers mailed to you anywhere in the U.S. (refills welcomed)



Dear Friends,

While Sean has not been located, traveling street youth have confirmed that many traveling the circuit are aware of our SEARCH for Sean.   Some are definitely keeping their eyes open for him.

To keep awareness of the search for Sean ALIVE, and to HELP those facing tough winter months on the street, we will be collecting WARM, NEW SOCKS for DISTRIBUTION to the homeless!!! 

WHEN:   With your HELP, WE WILL distribute the socks  (along with Sean’s fliers) on SUNDAY AFTERNOON, December 14, 2014 at Golden Gate Park and other locations TBA.

SOCKS, socks, SOCKS:   IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP IN THIS EFFORT, please consider bringing 1 or several pairs of NEW WARM SOCKS  (MEN SIZE 8-12 or WOMEN 6-12) TO OUR ‘SOCKS FOR SEAN’ DRIVE ON SUNDAY, DECEMBER 14TH .  A wool blend would be warmest but ANY sock donation would be  GREAT.   

OTHER:  If you cannot attend, but would like to help, please email for an address to send or drop off your NEW, WARM SOCK donation. 

Thank you ALL for supporting our search for Sean these past 18 months!

Together In Hope,

Lynn, Claude & Danielle SIDI 

See or for more information on critically injured Sean SIDI (age 19) missing from San Francisco CA May 21, 2013. Sean may not know his name or his DIRE MEDICAL NEEDS due to a severe traumatic brain injury suffered shortly before going missing. 

La Boulange, Starbucks & August 26, 2014 Update re: Search for Sean SIDI

Danielle (Sean’s sister) has started her junior year in high school. I pray the year will see her drawing strength & comfort from the knowledge that we & many others will NEVER stop searching for Sean. To see her brother on the edge of death, survive against tremendous odds, then to lose him again in this way --- is a trauma no child should have to endure... I have assured Danielle many times that her dad and I will search for Sean until the END of our days. Even past this time, I am comforted with the knowledge that NCMEC & other missing person’s organizations will keep the search for Sean going.

We have printed the FIRST BATCH of Sean’s NEW FLIER. We realize that many of you have been posting Sean’s fliers for many months… However, if anyone still has “posting” energy remaining TO post even 1 NEW flier, please email with your mailing address to have a few of Sean’s NEW fliers mailed to you (anywhere in U.S.). Alternatively, you may save the flier to your computer & print it. Despite the reach of social MEDIA, the posting of hard copy fliers remain CRITICAL in the search for Sean & any missing person.

LA BOULANGE, a French bakery recently acquired by Starbucks Coffee has offered to POST Sean’s NEW FLIER in their San Francisco locations. While Starbucks will not post the flier in their windows, they will post SEAN’S NEW FLIER on 22 community boards at various Starbucks cafes in the Bay Area, IF space is available. The date of posting has not been identified, however, I HOPE that supporters of the search for Sean will provide a photo of the flier, or post a flier on a Starbucks (or other) community board if one is not already up.

Below, picture of Allyssa Zimmerman sporting her SEARCH for SEAN T-shirt – which she wore to school in Manteca!!!! Thank you Allyssa for wearing the FLIER shirt & helping us spread the word about our search for Sean!! Also pictured is the 5’x 8’ banner at Valencia St. (btwn 20 & 21st St), which JUAN & ROSA MARIA SAN MAMES has so generously displayed on their STREET FRONT property for the PAST YEAR!! Thank you Juan & Rosa Maria San Mames Family for doing this!!!! ALSO featured ARE random pictures of Sean…the LOVE of our (Danielle, Claude & Lynn’s) LIFE. As you can tell from the pictures – Sean loves being on the water!

see or for more information on critically injured Sean SIDI (age 19) missing from San Francisco CA May 21, 2013. Sean may not know his name or his DIRE MEDICAL NEEDS due to a severe traumatic brain injury suffered shortly before going missing.



Still searching FOR SEAN (SIDI) & ALWAYS looking for new ways to get the word out... 

THANKS to the INCREDIBLE generosity of "ACCESS UNIFORMS", we hope to DISTRIBUTE 100 FREE T SHIRTS PRINTED with Sean's colored MISSING PERSON FLIER, to those living in Golden Gate Park and to homeless shelters serving San Francisco's youths. 

It is hoped that this will HELP get the word out among the those living in the park/streets, about our desperate race against time, to find Sean SIDI.


THANK YOU DANIELLE G. for facilitating this!!!! 


**If the shirts are ready, we hope to distribute some of the shirts on MAY 17TH (1 YEAR WALK FOR SEAN), as we walk through Hippy Hill in Golden Gate Park. 

For more information about the search for critically injured Sean Sidi, 19 yrs. (age time of missing), missing from San Francisco May 21, 2013, please see or 

To have a packet of Sean's fliers MAILED TO YOU, ANYWHERE IN THE U.S. message on FB or email with your mailing address.