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Help find Sean Sidi

We need your help to find our son



This week, we (Sean’s parents) viewed 2 video surveillance tapes based on tips provided by the public. The persons calling in the tips noted the exact location of “Sean” and advised us that there was a surveillance camera on the route that “Sean” walked.   While the ‘tips’ were NOT Sean, video surveillance was an effective way of confirming this information. The tips are not as frequent as before, however, this may be attributed to the fact that the San Francisco Police’s telephone number was added to Sean’s flier after the REWARD was announced in late July. We have recently REVISED Sean’s flier to include our telephone number as the primary “TIP CALL IN” number (see below).


Next week, volunteers will be searching the Tenderloin District in San Francisco, for Sean.  In hopes of generating more tips, the volunteers will be POSTING Sean’s NEWEST FLIER.  The NEWEST FLIER uses our (Sean’s parents) telephone at 415.713.5913 as the “TIP” call in number. We did this because several people reported that no one answered the telephone when they called San Francisco Police to report a tip! Also, it is uncertain whether San Francisco Police follows up on every tip.  

THANK YOU to all of you who helped POST Sean’s NEWEST FLIER last week. Hopefully, this will help generate more leads to Sean’s whereabouts.    There are still many people who do not know about the search for Sean. Others believe that Sean has been found. The most common comment we hear when posting is, “You still haven’t found him?” 

Unfortunately, we still have not found Sean. The REVISED FLIERS make this clear, with the heading,  “STILL MISSING”.


It may be difficult to recognize Sean if he has been living on the streets since May 21, 2013, the day he vanished. Here are some hints to pass on:


-          SEAN has DIMPLES.

-          SEAN will probably have “BIG HAIR”. Sean’s hair is wavy and gets ‘puffy’ as it grows. 

-          SEAN will likely be confused and disoriented.


Put Sean’s picture and our telephone number (415.713.5913) in your cell phone.

If you see “Sean” - 

1.         CALL US (Sean’s parents) at the number on the POSTER anytime - at (415.713.5913). San Francisco Police will NOT follow up on ALL TIPS. WE WILL. If you don’t have our number, call 9-1-1. San Francisco Police are well aware of the search for Sean.

2.         Note the precise information: street location (and cross streets), the exact time that you spotted Sean (this may help if there are surveillance cameras nearby);  description of clothing  Sean is wearing, whether another person is accompanying Sean, whether Sean is carrying anything such as a bag or backpack.    

If you can, stay with “Sean” until help arrives.

3.         TAKE A PICTURE OF “Sean” with your CELL PHONE and send to us (Sean’s parents) at:  415.713.5913 or


  1. HELP INCREASE TIPS, by posting Sean’s NEWEST FLIER with the NEW TIP CONTACT NUMBER - 415.713.5913. This will ensure that ALL tips are checked out.   Even posting 1 or 2 fliers a day helps.

            Email for fliers, or download from or

  1. SEAN MAY BE UNRECOGNIZABLE AT FIRST GLANCE. LOOK CAREFULLY at each person laying on the ground or walking around – IT MAY BE SEAN!!! 
  2. Attend the ‘Joint Awareness Vigil’, Saturday, Sept 14, 2013 at 2 pm, Music Concourse at Golden Gate Park.

Thank you !!!

 The SIDI Family 

Sean Sidi with father Claude Sidi.

Search for Sean in Sacramento

This weekend Dylan LaMadrid and friends took the search for Sean to Sacramento!  The Sacramento Bee and Fox 40 news reported on the desperate search to find Sean.  Thank you Dylan and ALL for helping us and for using Sean's newest flier.  The new telephone numbers on Sean's NEWEST flier will ensure that ALL tips are checked out. It only takes "one" right tip to find Sean!!!!!


Dylan LaMadrid (second from left), with friends who volunteered to search for Sean in Sacramento, CA.


SEAN has now been missing for over 3 months!!!  It is our understanding that tips continue to be called in to San Francisco Police. We hope SFPD is following up on the calls.  We know that Sean is in urgent need of medical care.  
We believe that Sean is not cognizant of who or where he is – and that he cannot find his way home on his own. We know that Sean did NOT plan to leave - as it is undisputed that Sean made plans with his former teacher to return to school the next day, to download some films. 
We have not ruled out foul play. Sean’s compromised physical and mental condition puts him at HIGH risk of victimization. We are hoping that Sean is being cared for by individuals who may not yet know that we are searching for Sean. It is possible that Sean is living among the homeless on the streets.
If you see Sean,  call  9-1-1 and Sean’s Parents at 415.713.5913.
Based on comments from the public, the San Francisco police telephone numbers on the fliers do NOT appear to result in immediate action.   
You may also CALL or TEXT information and/or a picture of Sean at 415.713.5913 or
1.    Attend the Joint Awareness Vigil on September 14, 2013 at 2 pm (exact location in San Francisco TBA) 
Your attendance at the vigil will GREATLY help to raise awareness of the search for Sean. 
2.    Post Sean’s Reward Flier on Your CAR WINDOW    
One friend who recently drove to Southern California said, “I have also posted [Sean’s Reward Flier] on a car window in each of our cars.  I cannot tell you the number of people who have read the sign.  When I am driving, people look over. When the car is parked, they stop to read it.  Also, the car moves around so people in other neighborhoods (and in Southern California and wherever we go) pay attention…..”
3.    Post Sean’s Flier – Everywhere…
Whether you live in San Francisco or elsewhere, PLEASE POST Sean’s flier. There are still many people who do not know that Sean is missing. Sean cannot be found unless people know that he is missing!! Many people are posting on business trips, or as they travel on vacation. In San Francisco, the fliers are pulled down very quickly by street cleaners and must be re-posted constantly. STORE WINDOWS are great!  Someone said fliers posted on tree support posts (not trees) work.  She said the tree keepers do not appear to take the fliers down. 
Email to request that fliers to be mailed to you.
4.    Distribute Sean’s Flier to Police on the streets, Emergency Hospital Rooms, Taxi Drivers, Homeless Shelters, Soup Kitchens, Homeless Persons…. Share, Tweet, Spread the Word…..Ask everyone you know to do the same.
We know that Sean will be found – ONLY with the public’s help.
Thank You All !!   We continue to hope that we will see Sean, soon. 
Claude, Lynn and Danielle Sidi

Keep Hope Alive - A Personal Message to Family & Friends

Save the Date!! – SATURDAY, September 14, 2013 at 2 pm (San Francisco, location TBD)
Dear Family and Friends,
It has been almost 3 months since Sean vanished without a trace.  There are no words to describe the ache, agony and devastation that we feel each and every minute of the day.   We cannot envision a time without our sweet, smiling Sean - who brought so much joy and laughter into our lives.  The best friend of his sister, Danielle…the boy who is … so funny and outgoing – you felt like you had known him forever.
There are days where feelings of utter hopelessness threaten to consume us.  We try and remember the words of Kym Pasqualini, the Founder of ‘National Center for Missing Adults’, whose wisdom comes from 20 years of working with missing persons. Kym’s words of HOPE are:  
 “ … we solved hundreds of cases including missing person cases, unsolved homicides, and unidentified by someone seeing a post on the Internet (or flier) and calling in a lead.  It comes down to this.   Locating missing persons and solving crimes depends upon not only law enforcement but the cooperative efforts of law enforcement, advocating agencies, the media and most importantly the public.   
Feeling utterly discouraged is normal, questioning the effectiveness of efforts important but all too often missing persons fall through the cracks because people don't know they are missing…..”
On Saturday, September 14, 2013, we will hold a JOINT AWARENESS VIGIL to help spread the word about the search for Sean and 2 other missing boys from San Francisco:  Jackson Miller and Crishtian Hughes.    
Your attendance will GREATLY help ensure that Sean, Crishtian and Jackson DO NOT FALL THROUGH THE CRACKS.    
The Sidi Family  

Pinning for Sean

Sean Sidi has been missing for 2 months and 4 days but we have not lost hope of finding him safe. During such a challenging time for the Sidi family, the outpouring of concern and those offering to help has been truly amazing, and a blessing to the Sidi family.

It is very important that we all continue to "share the word" that Sean is missing by distributing fliers in our communities, to shelters, food kitchens, churches, transportation centers, and hospitals. Fliers can be obtained by clicking on this link or we can mail fliers to you by emailing

You can also assist by helping us continue to to expand our social networking outreach. Please join us on Pinterest and begin "pinning" for Sean. With your help we will find Sean and bring him home safe!

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Sean's Mother Lynn Ching Appears on Love Letters Live

Love Letters Live host Janet Gallin helps guests from every walk of life to express themselves in letters that support, thank, or set things straight. Janet was motivated to help the Sidi family after seeing the Mother's Day card Sean had given Lynn on Mother's Day shortly before Sean's disappearance on May 21, 2013.

A Note From Claude and Lynn: Our thanks goes out to Janet Gallin and everyone at Love Letters Live for your compassion and help to find our son. 


Click the link below to listen to the Love Letters Live Podcast 

Love Letters Live Podcast Interview with Lynn Ching


Photo: Danielle (Sean's younger sister), Sean Sidi, and his mother Lynn Ching.


Mother's Day card Sean Sidi gave his mother Lynn Ching shortly before he vanished on May 21, 2013 from San Francisco, CA.

Pay it Forward for Sean

A Note from Sean's Dad

Hello supporters of FIND SEAN SIDI, We are starting a new phase of fundraising. We would like to raise funds to support further investigation, flyer production and bus and newspaper/online advertising. Our goal in this second phase of fundraising is to get Sean's missing person information on city buses, billboards and in newspapers. Please help us raise the additional dollars needed to support this. NOTE: Thank you to all the friends and family who have already supported us. Your friendship in this difficult time has kept us focused, perseverant, optimistic and grateful.

Please click on this link to be taken to our fundraising page

  • Claude Sidi