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help find sean sidi

Help find Sean Sidi

We need your help to find our son

Video of SEAN SIDI from cousin RACHEL JONES


This VIDEO was made by Sean's cousin Rachel Jones in 2014.

Sean and Rachel were close, and like the rest of us - she was deeply affected when Sean vanished. It is painful for us to watch, as I'm sure it must have been for Rachel to make. Thank you RACHEL for helping us keep HOPE alive. 99% of the people in the video are relatives of Sean, both from Europe and Hawaii - Danielle (Sean's sister) is pictured in many of the pics. 

Most of the pics are pre-inury, but some (with Sean in a wrist cast & head partially shaved) were POST injury, near the time he vanished. in May 21, 2013. 

We still hold onto HOPE that Sean will be returned to us, one day.…/0By8sAULQ_6t-dzBJUHRGdkdteXM/edit…


see or for more information about Sean SIDI, who vanished from San Francisco, CA on May 21, 2013, (at age 19), shortly after sustaining a severe traumatic brain injury. Please keep an eye out for Sean - who may be lost amongst the homeless with no memory - very FAR from S.F.

Today is Sean SIDI's BIRTHDAY

We gather as a family tonight to remember Sean in HOPE.    HOPE that we will be reunited with our precious Sean, soon. HOPE that the angels are protecting him until that day arrives. HOPE for answers. 

Sean’s Uncle Alan from England, Aunt Roland from New York, and grandmother Colette, will join us –Sean’s Aunt Francoise, also from England, has sent a poem which we will read tonight at dinner. Many others will attend in spirit. 

Attached is a collage of Sean with friends and family. There are many who do not appear who are just as precious. A separate collage appears featuring Sean’s best friend and sister – Danielle, with the handmade gift that Danielle made for Sean for his 15th birthday. There are no words to describe their wonderful brother-sister relationship, or Danielle’s pain since Sean vanished…. Sean cherished Danielle’s gift & kept it on his desk ever since. 

Please keep Sean in your prayers, 

In Hope,
Danielle, Lynn & Claude 

For more information about the search for critically injureed Sean Sidi, 19 yrs. (age time of missing), missing from San Francisco May 21, 2013, please see or

WE WILL MAIL SEANS FLIERS TO ANYONE, ANYWHERE IN THE U.S. PLEASE MESSAGE ON FB or email with your mailing address to have Sean's fliers mailed to you.

PLEASE KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN FOR SEAN, PARTICULARLY AMONG THE HOMELESS!! He has suffered a recent brain injury and may be disoriented and not know his name and/or his prior life. He is 19 yrs. old (time of missing), Asian/White, 5'5" 120 lbs and slim build, dark brown hair & eyes, wears SILVER dental braces, has dimples, and scar on right forehead from brain surgery.



We have lived the past 7 months as best as we can, searching for Sean and trying desperately to keep hope alive.  While Sean's disappearance has been hard on us (his parents) - it has been even harder in many ways - on Sean's sister and best friend, Danielle.  The littlest things such as eating otter pops on a hot Hawaiian day, remind us all of the many laughs and precious moments shared by Sean and Danielle over 15 years.  Sean, the unfailing leader of mischief making, and Danielle his devoted accomplice.

We have promised Danielle that we will NEVER stop searching for her beloved brother.

Sean is much missed and loved,

Danielle, Lynn & Claude Sidi

For more information on the desperate search for critically injured teen, Sean Sidi, missing from San Francisco, CA May 21, 2013, see or

Picture below:  Sean with sister Danielle (center) and cousin Rachel, in Hawaii eating otter pops on a hot Hawaiian day. 



October 21, 2013 marks 5 months since Sean vanished without a trace. There has been on activity on Sean’s bank card or cell phone since he vanished on May 21, 2013 from San Francisco, CA without a trace. 

We are mindful that each day may make the difference between life and death for Sean, given his precarious medical condition at the time he went missing. For us, the days only get harder – much, much harder. We are thankful to all of you, and to our friends, family and co-workers who have provided on-going support and encouragement during this difficult time. We do not know when this nightmare will end, and we pray for the sanity and strength to continue the search for Sean for as long as it takes. 

We DO know with certainty that Sean will only be found if people know that he is missing. Spreading the word has not been easy, and gets harder with time. We desperately need help keeping Sean’s fliers posted in San Francisco AND all over California and the United States. 

If you would like to help in the search for Sean, we are asking that you pick ONE LOCATION on your weekly route (church, walking to the bus stop, etc.) and KEEP SEAN’S FLIER POSTED in that ONE LOCATION until SEAN IS FOUND. We do not know how long this will take.....

We DO KNOW that it will take a “village” to find Sean. 

Your POSTING 1 FLIER, and keeping that 1 FLIER UP, can make all the difference in the search for Sean.

We will gladly mail you a supply of Sean’s fliers. Please email lynnkching@yahoo.comwith your mailing address for fliers. For those in wet locations, we will mail fliers and waterproof covers, as requested.

With Gratitude,

Lynn and Claude

For additional information about our desperate search for brain injured teen, Sean Sidi, missing from San Francisco, CA May 21, 2013, see

Below is a picture of Sean (graduation, June 2012) and Sean with his sister, Danielle.



Sean is much loved and missed by his family in England. Sean  spent many summer vacations with his British cousins, Benji, Camille and Leah (Sidi), and his Aunt Francoise and Uncle Alan. We have such good memories of our family vacations together in various parts of Europe.  Sean and his cousin, Benji Sidi, are only 2 weeks apart in age - making it perfect for double the mischief. During one vacation to Sicily, both boys, who were about 3 years old at the time, "unpacked" the suitcases by throwing the clothes in the suitcases from our 2nd story apartment, down to the mud below....They had such a laugh!
London, 29 September 2013
"Dearest Sean,"
A couple of days ago, I was coming out of our local supermarket and found myself face to face with a young man that looked so, so much like you, it was uncanny. My heart went mad! After taking a few steps away from him, I turned back and hovered around, observing him. I was totally unable to leave even after realizing that he was not you. I did not want him not to be you and hoped, I suppose, for a miracle.This young man was on the phone, talking about mundane things to a friend, maybe what he was about to buy or do that evening. A young man, just like you! I went home quite distressed, thinking of Claude, Lynn and Danielle who probably see young men, just like you and how unimaginably hard that must be!
So often with Alan, Benji, Camille and Leah, we talk about you. You are “kind of there” at dinner time when we remember a holiday and a situation that made us all laugh. How funny and mischievous you and Benji were when you were both little. How you drew these amazing mazes and what good illustrations & drawings you make. How good your French is, although you never wanted to speak it with us (hi, hi! just like Benji!). These moments bring up so much fondness and love for you.

Benji’s girlfriend, Josie, kind of knows you by now, she saw pictures of you, she heard the stories of how the two Sidi boys were so “creative” in their play… but then, there is silence, bewilderment and sadness showing in Benji’s and our eyes.
Your European cousins will not express grief and concern very easily and publicly, they are British after all! But we desperately want you to be back, to live your life, be yourself and develop all these talents that you have!
As Cousins, you may live on separate continents and live very different lives but,
Dear Sean, there are Only Two Sidi Boys! And for us there will always be two Sidi Boys!
You are One: Unique, Important and Loved.
We hope you are safe and that you will find your way Home very, very soon!

With All Our Love,
Alan & Françoise
Benji, Leah and Camille"
For more information about our desperate search for Sean, missing from San Francisco since May 21, 2013, see or

A Letter to Sean from Danielle Sidi (Sean Sidi's sister)


I miss you so much I feel sick. Looking through old pictures of us together just makes me break down into tears. The memories of us skiing together, building forts together, playing games together, basically doing everything together just kills me. I can’t take the pain of you missing. 
I can’t sleep at night thinking about you, and when I finally do fall asleep you’re always in my dreams. Because there isn’t a second that can go by without my heart breaking from the thought of never seeing you again. 
Since I was little, I grew up looking up to you more than anyone else. Not only are you the only brother I have; you’re my best friend. You’re the one person who I feel closer to more than anyone. 
We’ve been through it all together, and not knowing where you are, how you are, or if you are even okay just makes my stomach feel sick. I miss playing with you, venting to you, hugging you, I even miss fighting with you. No one can ever replace family. I love you Sean, all I want to know is that you’re safe.