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help find sean sidi

Help find Sean Sidi

We need your help to find our son

A Letter to Sean from Danielle Sidi (Sean Sidi's sister)


I miss you so much I feel sick. Looking through old pictures of us together just makes me break down into tears. The memories of us skiing together, building forts together, playing games together, basically doing everything together just kills me. I can’t take the pain of you missing. 
I can’t sleep at night thinking about you, and when I finally do fall asleep you’re always in my dreams. Because there isn’t a second that can go by without my heart breaking from the thought of never seeing you again. 
Since I was little, I grew up looking up to you more than anyone else. Not only are you the only brother I have; you’re my best friend. You’re the one person who I feel closer to more than anyone. 
We’ve been through it all together, and not knowing where you are, how you are, or if you are even okay just makes my stomach feel sick. I miss playing with you, venting to you, hugging you, I even miss fighting with you. No one can ever replace family. I love you Sean, all I want to know is that you’re safe. 



SEAN has now been missing for over 3 months!!!  It is our understanding that tips continue to be called in to San Francisco Police. We hope SFPD is following up on the calls.  We know that Sean is in urgent need of medical care.  
We believe that Sean is not cognizant of who or where he is – and that he cannot find his way home on his own. We know that Sean did NOT plan to leave - as it is undisputed that Sean made plans with his former teacher to return to school the next day, to download some films. 
We have not ruled out foul play. Sean’s compromised physical and mental condition puts him at HIGH risk of victimization. We are hoping that Sean is being cared for by individuals who may not yet know that we are searching for Sean. It is possible that Sean is living among the homeless on the streets.
If you see Sean,  call  9-1-1 and Sean’s Parents at 415.713.5913.
Based on comments from the public, the San Francisco police telephone numbers on the fliers do NOT appear to result in immediate action.   
You may also CALL or TEXT information and/or a picture of Sean at 415.713.5913 or
1.    Attend the Joint Awareness Vigil on September 14, 2013 at 2 pm (exact location in San Francisco TBA) 
Your attendance at the vigil will GREATLY help to raise awareness of the search for Sean. 
2.    Post Sean’s Reward Flier on Your CAR WINDOW    
One friend who recently drove to Southern California said, “I have also posted [Sean’s Reward Flier] on a car window in each of our cars.  I cannot tell you the number of people who have read the sign.  When I am driving, people look over. When the car is parked, they stop to read it.  Also, the car moves around so people in other neighborhoods (and in Southern California and wherever we go) pay attention…..”
3.    Post Sean’s Flier – Everywhere…
Whether you live in San Francisco or elsewhere, PLEASE POST Sean’s flier. There are still many people who do not know that Sean is missing. Sean cannot be found unless people know that he is missing!! Many people are posting on business trips, or as they travel on vacation. In San Francisco, the fliers are pulled down very quickly by street cleaners and must be re-posted constantly. STORE WINDOWS are great!  Someone said fliers posted on tree support posts (not trees) work.  She said the tree keepers do not appear to take the fliers down. 
Email to request that fliers to be mailed to you.
4.    Distribute Sean’s Flier to Police on the streets, Emergency Hospital Rooms, Taxi Drivers, Homeless Shelters, Soup Kitchens, Homeless Persons…. Share, Tweet, Spread the Word…..Ask everyone you know to do the same.
We know that Sean will be found – ONLY with the public’s help.
Thank You All !!   We continue to hope that we will see Sean, soon. 
Claude, Lynn and Danielle Sidi

A video about Sean, who is much loved and missed by his family

Video Produced By Sean's cousin, Rachel Jones. 
"Sean is loved and missed by many people, including a very large family in Hawaii (mom's family) and relatives in Europe (dad's family). From the time that he was 3 months old, Sean regularly visited with relatives in Hawaii and Europe, getting to know both sides of his family.  This video provides a glimpse of Sean, bonding with his family in Hawaii."  
 Please watch video.

A message from Help Find Crishtian Hughes

Crishtian Hughes and Sean Sidi are only 19 and 20 years old with their whole lives ahead of them. They should have been enjoying a beautiful summer with their family and friends and everything thing life has to offer for kids this age.

Instead they went missing mysteriously exactly three months apart within a few miles from one another. The two of them do not know each other. Their parents have come to know each other and are fighting with everything they have to find them.

Please pray for these boys, They need to be found.

Joint Awareness Vigil - Please Save the Date

Our family, along with the families of Crishtian Hughes and Jackson Miller will be having a Joint Awareness Vigil to raise awareness for our missing boys. It is not often three families who have missing children gather for such an event and we ask you to attend and share this special time with us.

The Sidi Family

Searching For Sean - More From Santa Cruz

We spent another busy day in Santa Cruz - posting Sean's fliers and making contact with soup kitchens, homeless shelters and other organizations providing services to those in need.   Everyone was very helpful and encouraging and they took many of Sean's fliers to share with others working with the homeless.

Page - a worker at St Frances soup kitchen told us that she had recently 'found' a man who had been missing for a year.  She recognized him from a photo sent by the missing man's sister - and put the man in touch with his sister.  Page said that it was like finding a needle in the haystack.

We continue to hope and pray that we  will be reunited with Sean soon.

The Sidi Family

Picture of Claude, Sean's dad, at homeless shelters in Santa Cruz, CA.

REMINDER - Sean will be featured today on Crime Pays$ Radio, Hosted by Max Cannon

CrimePAY$ for Sunday, August 11, 2013 

5:00PM EST


Our deepest thanks goes out to Crime Pays$ Host Max Cannon for including Sean in this radio broadcast.


The Sidi Family