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help find sean sidi

Help find Sean Sidi

We need your help to find our son

Nov 4, 2016 Update re: Sean SIDI SIGHTING in San Francisco CA


Dear Friends,

This morning, Claude, Sean's dad, located the young man resembling Sean (see yesterday's post) at Portsmouth Park (San Francisco).

Unfortunately, the young man was NOT our beloved Sean...

Thank you to ALL who shared, posted and prayed.

We did not realize there are still so many following Sean's story.  (There was a FaceBook organic reach of over 43,000 in a few hours with over 500 shares)

We hope someday to have answers that we can share with you.

With Much Gratitude,

Lynn & Claude


SAN FRANCISCO, we are seeking EYES / HELP in locating this young man (see 1st PHOTO BELOW).

The photo was taken yesterday 11/2/2016 (& sent to me TODAY) - at PORTSMOUTH SQUARE in SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Chinatown at Kearny @ Clay Street. From what I understand, THIS YOUNG MAN has been seen there before - generally near the benches next to the Children's PLAYGROUND & MENS restroom. HE is said to LEAVE the playground prior to 3 pm. (I was there today @ 1 pm & did not see him.)


If you see THIS YOUNG MAN, PLEASE TEXT (or call)  me IMMEDIATELY - 415.713.5913 photo, with exact location (i.e. upper level playground), description of clothing, etc..


Claude and I both work within walking distance of this location and could be there in 5-7 minutes. We will both also be scouting the location daily. We have not seen Sean for over 3 years & find it hard to believe this could be him.    However, there is enough of a resemblance for us to pursue this lead.



Thank you ALL!


Lynn & Claude


See or for more information about Sean SIDI, who vanished from San Francisco, CA on May 21, 2013, (at age 19), shortly after sustaining a severe traumatic brain injury. Please keep an eye out for Sean - who may be lost amongst the homeless with no memory - very FAR from S.F





Search for SEAN SIDI - October 9, 2016

This is a follow up to our post of July 31st re: a series of tips that possibly placed Sean in Venice (So Cal) California in 2016.   

After weeks of following this tip - it does not appear that this was our Sean. 

Jeff Kaplan, our private investigator recently spent 8 days in Venice, working many leads.  He did locate a young man that many in the populace claimed to be the "Sean" on the flier.  Of course it was not our Sean.     

We recently spoke with national TV producer who was interested in hearing Sean's story.  However, with 2,000 people going missing each day (national stats) and 90,000 missing at any given time - whether they choose Sean's story remains to be seen.   

For those still posting Sean's flier - even occasionally - thank you so much.   You have no idea how it helps. 

Claude and I continue on as best we can.  We have jobs that we love, good health (for now) and friends and family whom we cherish -- but we will never, ever have peace until we find Sean - find the answers that continue to elude us.  


See or for more information about Sean SIDI, who vanished from San Francisco, CA (age 19) shortly after sustaining a traumatic brain injury. Sean may be homeless, lost WITHOUT MEMORY FAR from San Francisco. 

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IF the STARS aligned - Search for SEAN SIDI - September 11, 2016


EVEN if the stars aligned perfectly, we know NOT whether answers will be ours - Hopes raised and dashed are devastating - we have found. 


The Venice CA sightings remain UNCONFIRMED.  One "Sean" whom many locals thought to be the person on the flier was confirmed NOT to be our Sean.  Another of the unconfirmed "Seans" remains elusive, and may or may not exist.


STILL, we seek to keep awareness UP in this area as many young ones pass through - 


Is he Sean? What to do? SO difficult to tell - we know. How to start???

WHISPER SEAN'S name, speak to him in FRENCH (friends), & PLEASE take a picture. 415.713.5913 - 24/7. 


MAYBE one day our prayers will be answered. 


Pictures: We post pictures of Sean - at all ages to recall the many good years, as Sean is much more than a missing person.    Sean (far right) and friends whitewater rafting; Sean (& Danielle) abroad to meet up with family (OLD PHOTOS), as was our summertime 'routine'. 


OTHER: PRAYERS (on the PRAYER TREE) -thank you Elizabeth!!: and one of MANY MANY FLIERS left across Arizona, New Mexico, Texas & beyond - by ANN A. (Thank you ANN !!!)


See or for more information about Sean SIDI, who vanished from San Francisco, CA (at age 19) shortly after sustaining a traumatic brain injury. Sean may be homeless, lost WITHOUT MEMORY FAR from San Francisco. 
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To Those Who May Be Harboring Sean (SIDI) - August 27, 2016

To Those Who May Be Harboring Sean,

We believe Sean may be alive. We continue to receive first hand reliable tips - as recently as yesterday. 

Sean has always been loved and cherished. He may have a brain injury, but he has lived 19 years of his life, knowing that he was loved, to the fullest extent. We believe that he still knows this. 

Many seek Sean. 

If we find him, and he is of sound mind, he will have our blessings (as always) to follow his heart and make his own decisions. 

You may not know this, but when Sean awoke from his coma after his traumatic brain injury, the first thing he said to the nurses in ICU was, "I want my mother." 

This speaks volumes. 

Below are pictures of Sean with his dad at college, cousins & sister in Hawaii, & sister on the ski slopes.

Sean is much loved. 

We beg you to disclose Sean's location to us. 415.713.5913. 

Lynn, Claude & Danielle

Search of Sean SIDI - TIP from Venice Beach, CA - July 31, 2016

There is NO photo confirmation of this TIP from Venice Beach, in So. California - but the overlapping details give us pause. 


Here is the narrative: 


Two months ago, Brenda Condon - Founder of 'Cal Advocates for the Missing', and TEAM handed out sandwiches and Sean's flier in Venice Beach, California. THEY wore BRIGHT ORANGE SHIRTS WITH SEAN'S PICTURE - See photo. 


Upon seeing Sean's picture on the orange shirts, an EMPLOYEE of a MEDICAL MARIJUANA DISPENSARY (EMPLOYEE͟) ran down from his SECOND STORY OFFICE, to ALERT the TEAM that he knew 'Sean'. 


The EMPLOYEE told the TEAM that 'Sean' hung out with a known homeless man in Venice, CA called POPEYE. 


A few days later the TEAM located POPEYE. 


POPEYE confirmed that at some point he had hung out with 'Sean'. 


Popeye told the TEAM that he (Popeye) had a steel plate in his head and that 'Sean' - "was just like me" (i.e. Sean also had a steel plate in his head). POPEYE told the TEAM he had not seen Sean͛ for several months. 'Sean' was described as being "very sweet". 


A THIRD source – who does not live on the streets - confirmed to the TEAM that the person the EMPLOYEE and POPEYE spoke of - was known on the streets by the name "Sean". 


TO HELP:    IF you are located near Venice BEACH, (Southern)  CA please SPEAK to police, the street vendors, or homeless shelter  & HAND THEM A FLIER.  Ask the street vendors NOT to post the flier, but to keep -  for reference in the event Sean turns up.   Tell them Sean is lost with a brain injury & to take a picture, & CALL us if they see Sean.   415.713.5913.      We will provide Sean's fliers to anyone requesting them.  Email or text 415.713.5913.  


EVEN if this is (our) Sean - he can remain LOST FOREVER, if someone does not recognize him and hold him safe until we can get to him. 


Tips are still being received because of the FLIERS posted (all over the U.S) by you.  


See or for more information about Sean SIDI, who vanished from San Francisco, CA (age 19) shortly after sustaining a traumatic brain injury. Sean may be homeless, lost WITHOUT MEMORY very FAR from San Francisco. 
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Update re Search for Sean SIDI - July 4, 2016

This was posted on FB FindSeansidi last week: 


Some days I can't stand posting on Sean's page. It just reminds me how long we've been in hell - how long Sean' has been lost without us, and how long we've been without him - But I have no choice, because there is a chance that Sean is alive. SFPD recently issued another nationwide BOLO. 

4 tips received in last 4 months - thanks to those sharing and posting (♥ ANN A. Tina, Luana, & Leona (HI) & ALL): 2 tips discounted by photos; 1 from Colorado of a young man recently arrived from CA (no picture); and an interesting set of tips from Venice Beach area - So Cal - being monitored - will share soon.

On the flip side, CA Department of Justice ("DOJ") requested Sean's x-rays & medical records from his head injury - 2,000+ pages documenting a craniotomy and a cranioplasty (look it up) - The idea is - the x-rays/records will help identify Sean's body / remains - something you can never fully appreciate unless your child is missing. [Thanks to Sgt. Chris Long of SFPD for ensuring the info also gets to NamUs and NCIC - the federal databases.] 

Picture below was taken in 2012, Sean was 18 yrs and Danielle was 14yrs. And we were happy. 

See or for more information about Sean SIDI, who vanished from San Francisco, CA (age 19) shortly after sustaining a traumatic brain injury. Sean may be homeless, lost without memory FAR from San Francisco. 
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