help find sean sidi

Help find Sean Sidi

We need your help to find our son

To the Oregon Border - Search for Sean Continues ...


Our search for Sean continues with even more urgency.  This weekend, Claude (Sean's dad) and Danielle (Sean's sister, shown in photo) are posting Sean's fliers from San Francisco to Mt. Shasta, near the Oregon Border.     We have received reports of Sean's fliers in Colorado, Chicago Airport, Portland Oregon and all over California.     Sean's cousin, Sydney, visited Santa Clara University two weeks ago and took Sean's fliers with her.   THANKS TO ALL OF YOU - many people near the university had already heard about our search for Sean.  

Please drop us a line as to where you have seen or posted Sean's fliers: or

Together in hope,

The Sidi Family

Danielle Sidi searching for her missing brother Sean in the city of Dunsmuir, located along !-5, in northern CA.

Pinning for Sean

Sean Sidi has been missing for 2 months and 4 days but we have not lost hope of finding him safe. During such a challenging time for the Sidi family, the outpouring of concern and those offering to help has been truly amazing, and a blessing to the Sidi family.

It is very important that we all continue to "share the word" that Sean is missing by distributing fliers in our communities, to shelters, food kitchens, churches, transportation centers, and hospitals. Fliers can be obtained by clicking on this link or we can mail fliers to you by emailing

You can also assist by helping us continue to to expand our social networking outreach. Please join us on Pinterest and begin "pinning" for Sean. With your help we will find Sean and bring him home safe!

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Volunteers Needed for Flier Posting


WHERE : On Broderick between Fell and Oak, opposite Peet's coffee. (same place as last week)
PARKING : Available in the DMV parking lot
WHEN : Sunday, July 21 between 10 am and 2 pm
WHAT : Help needed to post our new fliers with a reward offering in either specific areas or your own neighborhood.
Thank you for all the volunteers who came out last Sunday. We are continuing to post the new reward flier this weekend as there are still large areas of San Francisco that need to be covered. We hope to see you Sunday, and thank you for making a difference. Every flier gets us one step closer to Sean.


The Sidi Family

Sean's Last Known Whereabouts

On May 21, 2013 - our family and friend, Sean Sidi did not come home.  

This is what we know:

  • Cell Phone: The cell phone company has confirmed that the last signal transmitted from Sean’s phone at 1:34 PM (on May 21, 2013) pinpointed him Near and/or around Alvord Lake (Golden Gate Park), Stow Lake (Golden Gate Park), & Inner Richmond;
  • Last Contact:  At 1:34 PM Sean called his father and informed him that he was getting on a bus and going to a park.  Last identified at:  International High School - French American School (meeting with his former high school professor);
  • Police Involvement:  Lt. Ann Mackenzie, SF Police - 415-734-3268 . She has been searching with us and coordinating what services the police can offer. They have informed us that they are looking at the Muni tapes and Clipper activity. Golden Gate Park Rangers have been searching the park;
  • The Family has hired a private investigator; and,
  • PLEASE:    

      Search:   Please continue to search.   No meaningful clues have been found to date. 

Sean's Dad Thanks the Rainbow Family

Rainbow Family 

When Sean disappeared from the Golden Gate park, on May 21 , there were some members of the Rainbow Family passing through the park at the same time. In the hope of finding Sean, I traveled to Montana to the Rainbow gathering on July 4th with two of my closest friends, Steve Salamandra and John Pittaway. We were well received by the members of the Rainbow family and met some very nice people. Many offered to help and took fliers and photos of Sean and promised to spread the word. Although we did not find Sean we are grateful for the kindness of the Rainbow Family.  
(Sean's Dad) 

$5,000 Reward Offered by Sidi Family

The family of Sean Sidi, missing from San Francisco since May 21, 2013 has just announced they are offering a $5000.00 reward for information leading to Sean's safe return.  It is hoped that the reward will be the incentive that someone needs to provide information about Sean Sidi's whereabouts. 

The family has released a new missing person flier that includes the $5,000.00 reward and phone number for the San Francisco Police Department. The Sidi family desperately needs the help of volunteers to  distribute and share Sean’s flier in all sections of San Francisco , the Bay Area, and nationwide.  It is hoped that at least 3,000 fliers will be posted and distributed in San Francisco - alone - within the next several days.   The Reward flier can be downloaded and printed at, or obtained free of charge by contacting with your mailing address.



 Dear Friends and Family,


Our search for Sean continues with unabated urgency.  While all of you work tirelessly to distribute and repost Sean’s missing person flier, city workers in and out of San Francisco, continue to remove them! We try to not let this discourage us as we move forward in our search for Sean.  

The BIG QUESTION which remains to be answered (hopefully) this week is whether San Francisco Police will provide their ‘authorization’ for the ‘National Center for Exploited and Missing Children’ (“NCMEC”) to assist in the search for Sean.

As posted earlier, NCMEC is the largest non-profit organization in the world assisting missing children throughout the country.  It is blessed with a congressional mandate and $30 million in federal funding.  On Friday, June 28, 2013, Sean was registered with NCMEC under ‘Suzanne's Law’, thanks to the assistance of Robert G. Lowery Jr., Senior Executive Director of the Missing Children Division.  ‘Suzanne’s Law’ codified at 42 U.S.C. § 5779(a) allows NCMEC to provide additional resources to missing persons ages 18-21, to include investigative assistance, case analysis, profiling case information on the website at, and much more.  

However, before NCMEC can begin to assist in the search for Sean, San Francisco Police must provide their ‘authorization’.    On Monday, July 1, 2013, NCMEC contacted Captain Jason Fox of the San Francisco Police, to obtain authorization for NCMEC to provide assistance in the search for Sean.      We are currently awaiting Captain Fox’s response.


We will keep you posted as to any developments,


With Gratitude to All of You,

 Lynn and Claude