help find sean sidi

Help find Sean Sidi

We need your help to find our son

Why a Vigil this Sunday at 2PM at GGP? Because ...

Compelling information has been received from Dr. Geoffrey Manley, Chief of Neurosurgery at San Francisco General Hospital, indicates that Sean's brain injury puts Sean at "SIGNIFICANT RISK as a missing person." Dr. Manley states in part, "I am fearful that in his (Sean's) current state he is in danger of not making a meaningful recovery, or death if he is not found quickly."   On advice of their private investigator, the Sidi family has again requested that Inspector Anne Mackenzie of the San Francisco Police elevate Sean's status on the National Crime Information Center ("NCIS"), database to "medically disabled."   The NCIC is used daily by hospitals, medical examiners, and local, state and federal officials to identify missing persons.  Elevating Sean's status to "medically disabled" will raise his priority status with law enforcement, and increase his chances of being located.  

      Details about the Event, this Sunday, June 23rd found here

Vigil - Sunday, June 23rd at 2PM - Support our Efforts to Have SFPD follow thru on Experts' Advice and Recommendations

The Sean Sidi Family is holding an Awareness Vigil on Sunday to convey a strong message to the SFPD and the San Francisco Community that Sean's disappearance needs to be escalated to a higher level because of his traumatic brain injury. The SFPD has not accommodated the Sidi's request as of yet, despite requests upon  national and local experts.    We need your support!

WHAT: The Sean Sidi Family will be holding a vigil to broaden public awareness about their missing son Sean Sidi.

WHERE: Golden Gate Park – Stanyan and Haight Streets

WHEN: Sunday, June 23rd at 2:00 p.m.

WHY: The purpose of the Awareness Vigil is to raise public awareness of the search for their medically vulnerable son, Sean Sidi, who vanished from San Francisco on May 21, 2013. The family will speak of developments in their search for Sean, including requests made to law enforcement.


Search for Sean Awareness Vigil - Sunday, June 23rd

Date: Sunday, June 23rd

Place: Golden Gate Park at the intersection of Stanyan and Haight Street

Time:  2 PM

The Sidi family will be holding a 'Search for Sean Awareness Vigil' Sunday, June 23rd at Golden Gate Park.   The purpose of the Awareness Vigil is to raise public awareness of the search for Sean and to remind the public that he is medically fragile.   The family will speak of the developments in the search, including requests made to law enforcement.  

 Please help spread the word.   We hope to see you there.   Thank you for your continued support.     

HELP US SEARCH - Saturday June 15th

NEW information on Sean Sidi and Need for Volunteers for Search on Saturday, June 15th


Where:  Meet at Ocean Beach Parking Lot - Across from the Windmill on the Great Highway, SF.

When:  9:30 AM

What to bring:  long pants, sturdy boots, a cell phone

What to Expect:  We are looking for clues at the request of the PI and in following up on certain 'tips' received.


STATUS UPDATE - NEW INFORMATION - (June 14, 2013):   The family hired a nationally recognized private investigator with extensive experience in finding missing persons.  He has advised us that it is IMPERATIVE that Sean's NCIC status be elevated to a person who is physically and/or mentally disabled.  SFPD has been notified of this and given FBI information as well.  Various professional search and rescue teams have offered their services for FREE.  Due to jurisdictional issues, the SFPD must request these services, before the search teams can search for Sean in San Francisco.  


FOR SATURDAY, JUNE 15TH - GOLDEN GATE PARK:     At the suggestion of the Sidi’s private investigator, the Sidi family is conducting a search of the western end of  Golden Gate Park tomorrow (Saturday, June 15th).  The focus will be in the areas not covered by the previous search in conjunction with the Klaas Foundation a few weeks ago.  The search will begin at 9:30am.  The meeting place for the search will begin at Ocean Beach Parking Lot across the street from the windmill on the Great Highway. Volunteers can check in at 9:30am.

Email us with any questions or concerns.  

Thank you for your continued support! 


Volunteers Needed Today - June 13, 2013

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED - ASAP to hand out flyers at City Hall this morning at

10:00 am Room 263.   

There is a large hearing and rally today on reforming the San Francisco Housing Authority.  So there will be quite a few outreach people and directors of organizations attending. A target market that we need to reach ~ a great opportunity to reach a "mass" market. 

Thank you!


The body was identified and it is NOT Sean - June 12, 2013

Police confirmed that the body found this Monday at the Hyde Street Pier is not Sean.  Our hearts and prayers are with the other families awaiting word.

June 12, 2013 - A note from Sean's Mom

Sean has now been missing for 3 weeks.  We are focusing on contacting all homeless shelters, soup kitchens and social services agencies in San Francisco.  The objective is to speak with the person in charge and leave Sean's flyer with them so that they can be on the lookout for Sean. There are so many of these places in San Francisco.   Any assistance in the distribution of Sean's flyers to these agencies would be very welcome."

 Thank you!