Comments from 2 POLICE OFFICERS about SEAN SIDI
help find sean sidi

Help find Sean Sidi

We need your help to find our son

Comments from 2 POLICE OFFICERS about SEAN SIDI

The roller coaster of hope & disappointment continue. I try to survive by going through the exhausting process of blocking out all thoughts of my personable, good natured , charming son, who - despite the horrific accident, had the promise of a fulfilling LIFE ahead of him. Unlike a death, where pain may dim over time, the loss of having a MISSING CHILD & the anguish of NOT KNOWING become more PAINFUL as time passes, with HOPES diminished and ANXIETY INCREASING - wondering whether I will LIVE out my life NOT KNOWING WHAT HAPPENED TO SEAN......

This week, we got some help from 2 kind San Francisco Police officers. I approached 2 policemen at the Montgomery MUNI/BART station IN SAN FRANCISCO with Sean's fliers. After speaking to them, they ASKED me if I had more fliers - which of course I did. They took a stack, and had the station agent (at Montgomery) post the flier In the STATION window. They said they would distribute the fliers to other station agents. WE ARE VERY GRATEFUL TO THE 2 SAN FRANCISCO POLICE OFFICERS FOR THEIR HELP. 

INTERESTINGLY, when I asked both police officers if they would recognize Sean among the homeless, they BOTH said they would RECOGNIZE SEAN'S DIMPLES (whether smiling or not)!!! I thought that was interesting as several people have said the same thing. 

Please keep your EYES open for SEAN, among the HOMELESS, LIKELY looking FAR from the well groomed boy in these photos, except for his signature DIMPLES & BRACES....

See or for more information on the search for 19 yr. old brain injured Sean SIDI, missing from San Francisco, CA May 21, 2013.

WE WILL MAIL A PACKAGE OF SEAN'S FLIERS TO YOU ANYWHERE IN THE U.S. if you would like to help POST Sean's fliers.. PLEASE message Lynn on FB or email with your mailing address. We have been mailing between 500 - 1,000 fliers out each week. 

Sean is 19 yrs old, Asian/White, 5'5" 120 lbs, slim build, dimples, silver dental braces, bump on right forehead from brain surgery. Likely disoriented with no memory of us 
Call 911 & 415.713.5913. PLEASE TAKE A PHOTO!!!!


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