help find sean sidi

Help find Sean Sidi

We need your help to find our son


This week we mailed about 2,000 of Sean's fliers to those requesting them. Some of you are posting the fliers on vacations or business trips to other states. The determination of so many of YOU in helping us to spread the word about our search for Sean (SIDI), picks us up on the days we can barely get out of bed. To friends, neighbors, doctors, co-workers, & caring individuals who have never met us or Sean. THANK YOU for posting his fliers near and far, for posting a flier in your car window, for inquiring about the search, and for asking how we are doing. Our grieving minds and hearts are soothed by your concern & support.

Here is one of several emails received this week from one supporter of the search for Sean SIDI.


"Hi Lynn,

You sent me a stack of flyers a few months ago, would you mind sending some more?

I posted a bunch of them but found that the one on my car seems to get a lot of attention. I often will come out of a store and find someone looking at the flyer - they usually ask if they can have one so that they would recognize Sean. I've given many out that way.

Everyone in my family has a flyer on their car. We think of you and Sean ALOT. Your search has really touched us and we want to find him.

With hope,


We print in bulk & would LOVE to mail a packet of Sean's fliers to ANYONE (anywhere in the U.S.) wiling to post. Please send a message on FB or email with your address, if you would like Sean's fliers mailed to you.


For more information about the search for critically injureed Sean Sidi, 19 yrs., missing from San Francisco May 21, 2013, please or


PLEASE KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN FOR SEAN, PARTICULARLY AMONG THE HOMELESS!! Sean is 19 yrs. old, Asian/White, 5'5" 120 lbs and slim build, dark brown hair & eyes, wears silver dental braces, has dimples, and scar on right forehead from brain surgery. He has suffered a recent brain injury and may be disoriented and not know his name and/or his prior life.

Photo of Sean at graduation, with friends Benny & Elena, June 2012.   Photo of Sean with his dad. The PHOTO OF Sean with sunglasses is POST injury/accident (11/12). You will note the scar/bump on Sean's right forehead from the brain surgery. Sean put the dental braces back on January 2013 for minor adjustments. It also illustrates Sean's thick hair, when its grown out.







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