Thoughts re: Missing Sean SIDI
help find sean sidi

Help find Sean Sidi

We need your help to find our son

Thoughts re: Missing Sean SIDI

This was posted to FB Sunday night:

Nothing I can think to say or share seems right tonight.

I was remembering 19 years together as a very happy family, and how all that changed so abruptly in a day. My memories encompass Sean, our gentle, smiling boy, but most are of Sean and Danielle together...their mischievous laughter & non-stop our family seems so incomplete without Sean. I am not quite sure how we will manage to get through this.

Thank you to so many who help us keep the search for Sean alive..To Mahsa who posted Sean's fliers at Cal Train & the GIANTS game this weekend; to Jeff who distributed Sean's fliers on CAL TRAIN; to the caller who sent a photo of possible "Sean" this weekend; to JENNY & OPIE for covering the FEDERAL buildings, to Susan H for providing us with Sean's fliers at lower than cost, to SO VERY MANY of YOU, posting & sharing... Thank you.

See or for more information on critically injured Sean SIDI (age 19) missing from San Francisco CA May 21, 2013. Sean may not know his name or his DIRE MEDICAL NEEDS due to a severe traumatic brain injury suffered shortly before going missing.

New batch of fliers printed (thank you Susan H). Please email to have a packet (or refill) of fliers mailed to you ANYWHERE in the U.S.

Picture of Sean & Danielle as kids. Sean's flier in Spanish & Chinese.

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