SIDI Family on San Francisco Police Search for Sean SIDI
help find sean sidi

Help find Sean Sidi

We need your help to find our son

SIDI Family on San Francisco Police Search for Sean SIDI

A reporter recently asked my opinion of San Francisco Police’s search for Sean… are some thoughts.

Chief Tim Longo (of Virginia) is my HERO. For 35 days, the nation watched spellbound as Chief Longo, with heart and soul, led the search for missing U of VA student Hannah Graham. In the end, Chief Longo’s incredible determination resulted in the arrest of a suspect (possibly involved in several missing/murdered cases), the location of Hannah’s remains…& ANSWERS for Hannah’s family.

Truthfully, it is hard NOT to compare. Hard NOT to be bitter about the blatant disregard exhibited by SAN FRANCISCO Missing Persons Dept, in the search for SEAN, the CALIFORNIA MISSING FIVE & others (details omitted).

HOWEVER, ultimately it is the SYSTEM that is to blame. A SYSTEM that ALLOWED a less than motivated detective to CHOOSE to take a “wait & see” attitude rather than REQUIRING that certain search protocol be COMPETENTLY completed. A SYSTEM that allowed this detective to IGNORE dire warning by Chief of Neurosurgery at SF General to elevate Sean’s status due to a “high risk of death”.

My criticism of the SYSTEM however does not obviate our IMMENSE GRATITUDE to the many SAN FRANCISCO POLICE officers WHO helped search for Sean…who responded to the many sightings, who helped post SEAN’S fliers at the MUNI stations, who on their OWN time attended the vigils for Sean, who came up to me to express their SYMPATHY & who CONTINUE to keep an eye out for Sean… to THOSE officers - we are ETERNALLY GRATEFUL.

Photo 1 - Mike R & SFPD Unit helping search for Sean

Photo 2 - Vigil resulted in Sean's status being upgraded to 'AT RISK DEPENDENT ADULT

Photo 3 -  Sean (in foreground)



See or for more information on Sean Sidi, age 19, who vanished from San Francisco, CA on May 21, 2013 shortly after sustaining a traumatic brain injury.



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