SAVE the DATE: May 16, 2015 (details TBD) - Remembering Sean SIDI
help find sean sidi

Help find Sean Sidi

We need your help to find our son

SAVE the DATE: May 16, 2015 (details TBD) - Remembering Sean SIDI

On May 21st (2015), Sean will have been missing for 2 years. It's not easy to speak of Sean, the passing of time, and how much we miss him. It has been incredibly hard to do this in public....but we have - 4 times in the past 2 years... because we had to spread the word.....

Claude and I discussed having an event on SAT May 16th (if Sean is still missing), perhaps our LAST.....The EVENT will honor SEAN, and your MEMORIES of him...Sean's friends, teachers, parents, staff of FAIS-IHS, VILLA,. WE hope you will attend & SPEAK of your memories of Sean.

We are hoping Danielle's friends will be there to support HER.

Pictures: Good Memories & (years) of VILLA (Sean in red jersey) @2008, OLYMPQIUE MARSEILLE (Danielle in blue jersey) @2008

See or for more information on Sean Sidi, age 19, who vanished from San Francisco, CA May 21, 2013 shortly after sustaining a severe traumatic brain injury.  Please email to have a packet of Sean's fliers mailed to you anywhere in the U.S.

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