California Superior Court Weighs in on the Search for Sean SIDI
help find sean sidi

Help find Sean Sidi

We need your help to find our son

California Superior Court Weighs in on the Search for Sean SIDI


Summary:   Given CALIFORNIA Superior Court's recent ORDER re: Sean, we are seeking INPUT from those with contacts or familiarity with hospitals and/or psychiatric facilities (anywhere in the U.S.), to help us ascertain the right persons/department to send the COURT ORDER & Sean's flier.......See details below. 



Dear Friends,


As most of you know, Sean suffered a serious brain injury a few months before he went missing on May 21, 2013. If Sean is alive, it is very likely he accessed (or will access) medical care. However, it is also likely that HIPPA privacy laws would prevent hospitals from contacting us and/or releasing information. **** See real-life story of another family below.


Recognizing Sean's fragility, the California Superior COURT in San Francisco recently issued a VERY unusual ORDER which sidesteps HIPPA & authorizes health care providers that have treated SEAN - to RELEASE Sean's medical information (including any information indicating he has recently been treated) to Lynn, his mother. The order will also allow us to speak with Sean's doctors & plan a course of care before & after Sean is located. 


In an attempt to LOCATE Sean, we intend to send Sean's FLIER & the COURT's ORDER TO MEDICAL & PSYCHIATRIC FACILITIES across the U.S., starting with CALIFORNIA. 


HOWEVER, the BIG CHALLENGE is routing the COURT ORDER to the RIGHT PERSON or department at the medical facility who will check whether Sean previously accessed medical care AND who will RED FLAG Sean's name (or any John Doe matching his description), in the event that Sean LATER accesses medical care. (Sean does have very good medical insurance.)


If you have experience working with  hospitals and/or any psychiatric clinic system, county or private, we would greatly appreciate your input, feedback, and guidance in this matter.  

Please email


Thank you ALL!


****Many other families searching for loved ones - face this problem with the HIPPA privacy laws. See for one real life story,  Jason was recently found in San Diego, 2 years after going missing from ILL.   Jason's mom posts about specific issues related to the HIPPA laws when trying to advocate for her son's care.


See or for more information on Sean SIDI, who went missing from San Francisco, CA May 21, 2013 shortly after sustaining a traumatic brain injury. 


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