Search for SEAN SIDI - December 17, 2015
help find sean sidi

Help find Sean Sidi

We need your help to find our son

Search for SEAN SIDI - December 17, 2015

I wish I could fully convey to YOU the gratitude (& HUGS) of the street friends receiving your SOCK DONATIONS. I distribute a few of the DONATED **thick WARM socks & toiletry bags EACH DAY - with SEAN's FLIER, en route to or from downtown San Francisco. 

Some of the street recipients had heard of our search for Sean, others NOT, but ALL appreciated the WARM SOCKS for sure. 

Thank you all SO MUCH for your GENEROSITY!! 

PICTURED: FROM MARIN, CALIF: At least 50 bags - filled with warm socks, hats, scarfs, toiletries, candy, ponchos and SEAN'S flyer. for the homeless in MARIN, CA. Thank you ROSIE & Megan Feeney & FRIENDS for helping us search for SEAN!! 

PICTURED: Tonight an ANGEL (I was not home) dropped off 2 WARM THICK SOCKS for the "SOCK for Sean" drive & YUMMY TIRA MI SU!!! Thank you lovely ANGEL!!!! 


**To Donate THICK WARM WOOL SOCKS send to:

Socks for Sean

c/o Dr. Claude Sidi

450 Sutter St., #1819

SF,  CA 94108

See or for more information about Sean SIDI, who vanished from San Francisco, CA on May 21, 2013, (at age 19), shortly after sustaining a severe traumatic brain injury. Please keep an eye out for Sean - who may be lost amongst the homeless with no memory - very FAR from S.F..  SEND ALL TIPS  & PHOTOS of "Sean" TO # ON FLIER:  415.713.5913 or

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