Search of Sean SIDI - TIP from Venice Beach, CA - July 31, 2016
help find sean sidi

Help find Sean Sidi

We need your help to find our son

Search of Sean SIDI - TIP from Venice Beach, CA - July 31, 2016

There is NO photo confirmation of this TIP from Venice Beach, in So. California - but the overlapping details give us pause. 


Here is the narrative: 


Two months ago, Brenda Condon - Founder of 'Cal Advocates for the Missing', and TEAM handed out sandwiches and Sean's flier in Venice Beach, California. THEY wore BRIGHT ORANGE SHIRTS WITH SEAN'S PICTURE - See photo. 


Upon seeing Sean's picture on the orange shirts, an EMPLOYEE of a MEDICAL MARIJUANA DISPENSARY (EMPLOYEE͟) ran down from his SECOND STORY OFFICE, to ALERT the TEAM that he knew 'Sean'. 


The EMPLOYEE told the TEAM that 'Sean' hung out with a known homeless man in Venice, CA called POPEYE. 


A few days later the TEAM located POPEYE. 


POPEYE confirmed that at some point he had hung out with 'Sean'. 


Popeye told the TEAM that he (Popeye) had a steel plate in his head and that 'Sean' - "was just like me" (i.e. Sean also had a steel plate in his head). POPEYE told the TEAM he had not seen Sean͛ for several months. 'Sean' was described as being "very sweet". 


A THIRD source – who does not live on the streets - confirmed to the TEAM that the person the EMPLOYEE and POPEYE spoke of - was known on the streets by the name "Sean". 


TO HELP:    IF you are located near Venice BEACH, (Southern)  CA please SPEAK to police, the street vendors, or homeless shelter  & HAND THEM A FLIER.  Ask the street vendors NOT to post the flier, but to keep -  for reference in the event Sean turns up.   Tell them Sean is lost with a brain injury & to take a picture, & CALL us if they see Sean.   415.713.5913.      We will provide Sean's fliers to anyone requesting them.  Email or text 415.713.5913.  


EVEN if this is (our) Sean - he can remain LOST FOREVER, if someone does not recognize him and hold him safe until we can get to him. 


Tips are still being received because of the FLIERS posted (all over the U.S) by you.  


See or for more information about Sean SIDI, who vanished from San Francisco, CA (age 19) shortly after sustaining a traumatic brain injury. Sean may be homeless, lost WITHOUT MEMORY very FAR from San Francisco. 
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