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help find sean sidi

Help find Sean Sidi

We need your help to find our son

To Those Who May Be Harboring Sean (SIDI) - August 27, 2016

To Those Who May Be Harboring Sean,

We believe Sean may be alive. We continue to receive first hand reliable tips - as recently as yesterday. 

Sean has always been loved and cherished. He may have a brain injury, but he has lived 19 years of his life, knowing that he was loved, to the fullest extent. We believe that he still knows this. 

Many seek Sean. 

If we find him, and he is of sound mind, he will have our blessings (as always) to follow his heart and make his own decisions. 

You may not know this, but when Sean awoke from his coma after his traumatic brain injury, the first thing he said to the nurses in ICU was, "I want my mother." 

This speaks volumes. 

Below are pictures of Sean with his dad at college, cousins & sister in Hawaii, & sister on the ski slopes.

Sean is much loved. 

We beg you to disclose Sean's location to us. 415.713.5913. 

Lynn, Claude & Danielle

Search for Sean SIDI at July 2014 Rainbow Family Gathering in UTAH

It is a 2.5 hr drive (from Salt Lake City) and a 1 hr hike IN– to reach people at the Rainbow gathering.    Yesterday, members of the ‘Search for Sean’ group met with law enforcement, medics and those at the Rainbow Gathering in Utah.    The group distributed Sean’s fliers and "Help Find Sean Sidi - 415.713.5913"  TOOTHBRUSHES.   They were well received by the Rainbow Family.  Thus far, no one claims to have seen Sean.   The search continues today. 


It has now always been 14 months since Sean vanished.  We have not received any new tips.  It is hard not to despair. We live each day as best as we can, waiting for news of Sean, found alive - or not.  The wait is unbearable.



We are grateful to all of you who continue to help us spread the word about our search for Sean, by sharing, posting, distributing Sean Flier T-shirts. 



Below is a PHOTO of Nikita.   Nikita's sister Lara went to high school with Sean.  Lara and Nikita have managed to get Sean's fliers in storefront windows and have posted in San Francisco.  Thank you Lara & Nikita and to so many of you helping to keep the flames of HOPE alive.  PHOTO of Sean (far right) and good friends.



See or for more information on the search for critically injured Sean Sidi, age 19 (time of missing), missing from San Francisco, CA since May 21, 2013. Sean is 5’5”, 120 lbs, slim build; Asian/White; dark brown hair & eyes; WEARS SILVER DENTAL BRACES; has dimples; right eye droops slightly. Sean may not know his name and may be disoriented due to a traumatic brain injury suffered shortly before going missing. He is in URGENT need of medical care.




Someone from Chicago, ILLINOIS sent me A PHOTO of this advertisement featuring SEAN SIDI (HAVE YOU SEEN ME?) in a local newspaper. Someone else in Washington D.C. also reported seeing the ad. 

Thank you to the 'National Center For Missing & Exploited Children' (NCMEC) for featuring Sean in ads across the United States. 

If you have friends or family in other states, please share Sean's FLIER WITH THEM. The further the word is spread about Sean, the better our chances of finding him


For more information about the search for critically injured Sean Sidi, 19 yrs. (age time of missing), missing from San Francisco May 21, 2013, please see or


Words of HOPE about Sean SIDI, from a Street Youth

Over the past 10 months since our son, Sean SIDI went missing from San Francisco on May 21, 2013, we have been blessed with the support of MANY -

Recently Lynn (Sean's mom) received an email from a street youth who was a former missing person, who we will call 'MM'. MM has lived in Golden Gate Park and is wise to the ways of the streets. She also has been on the look out for Sean (SIDI) - for some time now. MM is aware that Sean suffered a life threatening traumatic brain injury shortly before going missing, and may not be cognizant of who he is/we are.


THE email from MM said:


"I tried with a group to find Sean at GGP (Golden Gate Park). I was a missing youth for a few years and I know that a young person can be successful and healthy with his injuries. PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP HOPE."


Thank you MM for your letter of HOPE, AND for searching for Sean!! 

Lynn, Claude & Danielle SIDI




         Renee Callantine That's a wonderful photo. I was at the US District Court in San Jose yesterday and they have Sean's flyer prominently displayed on a stand next to the elevators. You are certainly doing the best you can possibly do to find him, and I pray that he comes home soon.
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FIND SEAN SIDI Really? Thank you SO much for letting us know Renee! Thank you also to the person(s) responsible for getting Sean's flier there! In part, HOPE comes from knowing that awareness of the search for Sean is still alive. Thanks to social media and most of all - to SO MANY COMPASSIONATE PEOPLE - we stand a chance of finding Sean. At minimum, I hope that the search for Sean brings awareness to the 2,000 people who go missing every day & how public awareness CAN make a difference to many who go missing. MANY missing (of which a good number are like Sean, that is, vulnerable and at high risk due to a cognitive medical condition) are found by alert, caring members of the public. In Hope, Lynn (Sean's mom


For more information about the search for brain injureed Sean Sidi, missing from San Francisco May 21, 2013, please see 

Sean is 19 yrs. old, Asian/White, 5'5" 120 lbs and slim build, dark brown hair & eyes, WEARS SILVER DENTAL BRACES, has dimples, and scar on right forehead from brain surgery. He has suffered a recent severe traumatic brain injury and may be disoriented and not know his name or prior life.

Photo of Sean with dad, Claude @ April 2012 at U of Colorado, several months before Sean's brain injury/accident in Nov 2012. Second photo of Sean & sister Danielle at U of Colorado Boulder. Sean LOVES to ski and was looking forward to getting in some skiing while attending U of Colorado (at Boulder). Sean went missing from San Francisco, CA May 2013. 

We have boxes and boxes of Sean's fliers we would like to distribute.   We will gladly mail a packet of Sean’s missing person flier to you ANYWHERE IN THE U.S. Please email with your mailing address, or send a message on FB to have a packet of Sean's fliers mailed to you.


A Note Claude and Lynn, the parents of Sean Sidi, missing 4 months today

From Lynn and Claude, 

Today marks 4 months that Sean has been MISSING…There are no words to describe the horrific change in our life – since that fateful day on May 21, 2013, when Sean’s cell phone went dead at 2 pm, and he did not return home. Everyday, we live a life of unfathomable sadness, depression and guilt. How could we have let this happen to our beautiful boy, who all his life strived to do the right thing….. a good student on his way to university and only beginning life’s journey. How could Sean have vanished from the city he loved so much!!? 

Sean’s room remains untouched. It is too painful to walk into his room as doing so reminds us too much of our loss...Sean with his beautiful smile and funny jokes, Sean so sweet and thoughtful, Sean the son who wrote the most touching Mother and Fathers Day cards that we will cherish forever. Sean, our beloved child who we miss SO, SO MUCH……. 

Everyday, we wonder whether we will ever see Sean again…. The only certainty in our life - is that we know that will NEVER stop searching for Sean.